Walk About

I just finished the quilt for the Women’s Ministry at my church (First Baptist Hampton).  It is queen size (88 X 105), with stippled free-motion stitching along with a design in the border.  I used techniques learned in my quilting class so I was brave enough to miter the corners.  Total time spent on this project was 52 hours.

The Community Outreach Committee that is part of the Women’s Ministry is doing other crafts that will be donated to nursing homes, etc.  Tickets will be sold and the drawing for the quilt will be held during the Annual Women’sWA back Retreat in May.  Walk AboutWalk About 2

WA Mitered


Wall Hanging

This panel made a lovely wall hanging.  The corner squares are made using paper piecing to form the distinct lines.  Borders and free-motion stitching enhances the flowers and birds.

.  Hanging1Hanging CornersHanging2

Crazy Scrappy Quilt

This quilt was made in the last Advance Quilting Class I took at Hampton University.  We are learning many new techniques in each class.  I used scraps from my stash to do this quilt.  The six squares in the center are my design.  Each square is embellished with lace, ribbons, buttons, beads and additional stitching.  Free-motion stitching on most of the quilt; finished size 58 X 70.

Scrappy wallScrappy Center

Scrappy sq4Scrappy sq3Scrappy borderScrappy sq5

Sunny Sampler

This quilt was created for the Virginia Library Association Professional Associates Forum.  I made the donation for the scholarship fund.  Tickets are sold prior to and at the annual conference that will be held in May.  The scholarship is for those associates who are pursuing their MLS degree.  The 57 X 57 quilt has lots of triangles and line quilting.

Sunny Sampler Center square of quilt.

Sampler Square