Lone Starburst – Project Number Five Complete

I took the class for the quilt in June.  It is part of the list of quilts I promised to finished before September.  I did it – all pieces completed August 31st.  This quilt is made using jelly rolls.  I added additional boarders and did some extensive stitching in the boarders.  Completed size 67 X 66.



Project Number Four Completed

I finished this 60 X 60 quilt as one of the remaining pieces in my stack of things to be completed before September.  The 12 inch block patterns were enlarged from smaller patterns.  I did extensive stitching on this; all the time investment was worth it.IMG_1180IMG_1179IMG_1181

Prizes for Family Reunion

It is always good to have an extra quilt around that can fill the need when asked.  When the call came to ask if I was making a quilt for this year’s Wash Bailey Family Reunion I was ready.  The lasagna quilt was done except the quilting; therefore, this is number three on the list of projects to be completed.  Finished size 77 X 58; made from one large or two small jelly rolls or 2.5 inch strips if you are using scraps or cutting your own roll.  I made the strips from fabric on hand.  It took about two long evenings to put the top together and another two evening to do the quilting.

Scrap Buster – the two smaller pieces were made this week to be added to the collection of prizes.  Made from materials on hand.  Purple one is 24 X 28 and Green and Gold is 26 X 27.



A Comfort Quilt

A family friend is having major surgery next week and his wife requested that I make a comfort quilt for him.  This should bring warmth during the healing process.  The Rail Fence pattern went together quickly.  The backing is blue flannel; finished size 65 X 58; took about 18 hours to complete. Number two on the list of projects to be completed.IMG_1166

IMG_1165 IMG_1164

Starry Night

This quilt was requested.  Now that it is complete it will be going home to Florida.  With Black, White and Red being the major criteria for the quilt, I used the star patterns taught in Kimberly Einmo on Craftsy.  I added free-motion design around the center along with star patterns stitched between the blocks with red thread.  I tried using sulky thread but there were problems with that brand breaking.  Finished size is 75 X 76. Number one to be completed on the project list.

IMG_1157 IMG_1156 IMG_1155

JP’s Adventures

This quilt was made for my grandson.  His fascination with Star Wars, Spiderman and Cars, dictated their inclusion in the quilt.  It is 63 X 76 inches, just big enough for this bed.  I also made a matching pillowcase to accompany the quilt.  There are a few places in the stippling with “JP” stitched in, just to make it personal for him.

JP Square

JP square3

JP Adventures

Crazy Scrappy Quilt

This quilt was made in the last Advance Quilting Class I took at Hampton University.  We are learning many new techniques in each class.  I used scraps from my stash to do this quilt.  The six squares in the center are my design.  Each square is embellished with lace, ribbons, buttons, beads and additional stitching.  Free-motion stitching on most of the quilt; finished size 58 X 70.

Scrappy wallScrappy Center

Scrappy sq4Scrappy sq3Scrappy borderScrappy sq5